Legal areas are handled according to the capabilities and expertise of WPA include:


Alternative Dispute Resolution

• To help parties on dispute resolutions peacefully outside the court i.e. through providing on experienced & internationally well-trained mediator.
• To represent personal or company in negotiation with other parties.


• To serve all types of legal or non legal consultation before and in the recruitment process;
• To review all employment contracts;
• To review all Policy & Procedures and collective labor agreements;
• To provide the up dated information and the newest labor regulations;
• To provide consultation during implementation of disciplinary action;
• To provide consultation during termination process;
• Preparing and advising of expatriate’s immigration documents;
• Review and issue legal opinion on expatriates and foreign expert employed in any company.


• Formation of company in accordance with Indonesian Law;
• Representing companies in financial transactions of all stages;
• Structuring companies and other strategic partnership arrangements;
• Planning and executing business reorganizations, mergers acquisitions.


• Documentation for investment approval;
• Legal research and opinion investing in Indonesia;
• Application of investment permit and licenses.
• Domestic and Foreign Investment follow-up.


• To prepare the establishment of financial institution (bank, finance, institution, insurance);
• To prepare and arrange, to review credit documents (loan syndicate) both domestic and overseas;
• To carry out credit transaction negotiation, secure or non secure

Intellectual Property

• To represent clients in filing, registration of trade marks, patents, copy rights;
• Advising with regards to protect intellectual property;
• Preparing, reviewing all types of agreement of trademarks copyrights and patents;
• Preparing software licensing and publishing agreements, product developments, and marketing agreements;
• Preparing agreements for all types of product distributions, both domestic and international;
• Advising with regards to trade regulations, vacation rules, and customs.


• Arranging all the documents in order to establish a hotel, cargo, travel agent, and others;
• All permissions regarding tourism industries that stipulated in Indonesia, especially Bali.


• Preparing and organizing passports and visas;
• Preparing, drafting, and organize
application to employ expatriates; • To organize residence permit;
• To organize single/multiple exit permit;
• To organize entry or re-entry permit, etc.


Providing clients with services such as

• Represent clients in Court proceeding either as plaintiff or dependent;
• Represent client for out of Court negotiation and settlement;
• Legal cases drafting, reviewing and documentation;
• Advising in Banking law, law aspect of corporation activities, land, environments and intellectual properties;
• Representing clients in relation with labor disputes settled before the Labor Court, and the Supreme Court (MA).